Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 158 - Four Generations Moving Through the Mound Village

Today's post is from former grad and community member Andrea Dahl

Yep, I'm a "Moundite" and Mound is my "Village". And this Village has "raised and educated" 4 generations of the Dahl extended family! As an alumni, I attended kindergarten through 12th grade, all in one building, which is now "gone". And yes, I knew all 120 classmates by name, which is part of that small school advantage which MWHS still has. We were a close-knit class and the teachers were caring and helpful, just as they are today at MWHS!

In this "Village" I was able to grow up in a community with beautiful surroundings that offered good, clean, fun and a lifetime of memories.

All 6 of my children graduated from the present MWHS. My son, Rick, teaches at the high school, and I am always proud to say he teaches at MWHS. I have 3 grandchildren who have been through the district, 2 grandsons, Reid and Evan, currently at the high school and granddaughter Ellie who graduated in 2008. It has been a pleasure for me to follow their progress academically, and I have enjoyed watching their sports over the years. When I attend events I have that MWHS Pride! Sometimes I feel like singing the old  "Mohawk Roster".

As the years go by, may all of you students carry the MWHS Pride with you as you travel through life. Remember to thank those who have taught and nurtured you to this point.

This picture represents 3 generations of my family. And Yes, I have MWHS Pride!!

The Dahl Family

Back row: Jean, Evan, Rick and Greg
Front row: Andrea, Ellie and Reid

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