Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 153 - Wild Weather for Spring Sports

Today's post is from senior Dakota Hollingsworth

This Track season, unlike that of some other years, has seen some wild weather! Due to the cold and wet conditions we have had many meets canceled. With that being said, this season is going to be great because, we have been allotted more time to get in the competitive shape that this sport demands. Everyone on our team is so excited every day to get out there and give it their all, it is because of this that I believe this season is unlike others.

When we do have good weather the team can go to meets, these are the most important part of the sport. A meet is where you prove to yourself and everyone else that you've got what it takes to be a proud track & field runner, and a White Hawk! By the end of the year so many new lifelong friendships are made, and cherished. From the "Two lap warm ups" to the "Sprints!" This season has and will be the best one yet!

Pictures from a rare meet held Tuesday, May 13
Seniors John, Mason, Dakota, Willie and Zach

Senior Mackenzie S

Sophomore Sydney W

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