Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 126 - Feeling Pride in the Halls of MWHS

Today's post is from sophomore Janneke Spanjers

Pride contributes its way into many different scenarios. There is pride in the work one does, there is pride in self acquisition, and pride in the environment. When pride takes place you can feel the physical feeling surrounding you. This is the feeling that one would feel walking into the doors of Mound Westonka High School. Pride is highly felt through the halls of MWHS; whether it is helping someone pick up their books, or holding the door open for someone, everyone contributes to an environment that makes you feel safe and wanted. Pride in MWHS is never destroyed. We stand together through the ups and downs that may come at us. We manage to build upon each other’s pride and in result evolve into a unified pride.

Pride is a simple word that is said. However, the meaning behind it contributes to such a deeper level of acceptance. It is refreshing to walk into a building knowing that everyone will accept you. Looking at all the students that are in the grade levels eight through twelve; you could never tell who’s in what grade. We unify into one group. We are the students of MWHS and stand here to make a difference. The future of us is the future of pride. Pride is never destroyed in the halls of MWHS.

Sam, Vincent, Oskar and Janneke

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