Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 120 - WALA Helps out our Community

Today's post is from the 2013-14 WALA Class

WALA, Westonka Area Learning Academy, is a second chance and home to approximately 25 Mound Westonka High School students. We as a family not only help the school but we also help the Mound community and each other. WALA is an alternative learning program within the school that allows students to continue in classes with smaller sizes and receive more academic help. By being in a smaller classroom with less students it gives us the opportunity to have one on one time with teachers and helps further our education. One component of our program is service learning that we call Service Learning “Outings.” By participating in outings it helps to improve our service learning opportunities and increases our interaction with others and the community. Our most recent outing was to Feed My Starving Children.

On March 14th all of WALA went to Feed My Starving Children. We are so lucky to get the opportunity to do this every year. Other MWHS students don’t have the same opportunity to give back to community as we do in WALA. We measured the food portions, bagged and sealed the bags, and then boxed them for shipping. We had a fun time, and some may not know it but we saved a lot of lives just by packing little amounts of food for these poor and unfortunate children from around the world. We all helped feed 25 children; 3 meals a day for a whole year and it only took us an hour and a half to complete the work necessary to complete this task! It was a very humbling experience getting to package food for others in need. We felt a great sense of pride getting to represent MWHS and the WALA program!

WALA Class of 2013-14

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