Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 118 - A Look Back

Today's post is from 2010 grad Charlie Crea

A lot has happened since graduating from MWHS in June of 2010. It’s been almost four years, and in that time I’ve persued 2 years of college education, held multiple jobs, owned a company or two for a bit, moved out on my own, discovered what bills are like, etc. Yet so much of who I am and what I’ve become was shaped by my time at Mound Westonka. From late nights and full weekends running rehearsals in the Little Theatre, to early morning all day races on the Alpine Ski Team (and possibly loosing feeling in my toes for a few days), to pulling off daily announcements even when it seems there was no news to be told. All of these things have helped me survive this place I’m in now called, “The Real World.”

There are the obvious ways my high school days have helped me out with my current life, I.E. all of my time running sound and lights for various plays, musicals, and events. But more than that, it was directors like Mr. Bulman that taught me discipline and respect for superiors. It was coaches like Coach Smiley that taught me how to strive for improvement while never losing the enjoyment of something you love. It was teachers like Mrs. Simonson that taught me to be thorough, as there can be one variable wrong in your programming code and your entire program will fail miserably. (A really good life lesson right there!). It’s the unconditional love that these coaches and teachers have for kids, and for their role as educators, that really makes me proud to be a graduate of MWHS.

I talk to many people all around the country and I can’t help but get this feeling from some of them that they didn’t get the same solid upbringing that I did. It’s in their actions, their speech, and their treatment of others around them. Mound Westonka graduates are taught a higher level of respect, and honor. They are taught a higher level of common sense and problem solving. Let’s just say, there’s something to be said about being a White Hawk. As for myself? I’m proud to call myself a White Hawk, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for my peers that graduated with me.


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