Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 116 - Creating Costumes & Pride for MWHS Theater!

Today's post is from Jamie Harms, Costume Director for MWHS Theater

Pride is defined as being especially proud of a particular quality or skill, it is a feeling of satisfaction taken in something done by one self. After I finish any project I have a small sense of pride in myself, I hold it up and take a look at what I have created. I don’t recall a time I have not been proud of my work, even my first pieces sewn together with muslin in college. But the sense of pride I have felt working with the MWHS Theater program is like one I have never felt before.

Copacabana was my first show with MWHS, it was hard work and at times stressful. I was up way too late some nights altering costumes and sewing fabric but as the lights came up to see this array of colors on stage... all the exhaustion was quickly swept away. I was overcome with emotions watching proudly from the back of the theater knowing that I had something to do with making that production a smashing success.

I was given the opportunity once again during the spring play of The Odd Couple. The play gave me the chance to work much more closely with the students and the directors. I had the task to bring the 80’s decade back to life for our stage, and what a treat that was! The students rocked rolled up sleeves on their suit jackets, white Nike’s, pink tights and shoulder pads. We completed our looks with blue eye shadow, hot pink blush, bright lipsticks and bigger than ever hair (I think we killed at least 2 bottles of hairspray!).

During both Copa and The Odd Couple I spent the entire show backstage helping with numerous costume changes, helping make sure everyone had what they needed for their parts and even helped with a set change. Being backstage working (literally) side by side with our students has allowed me to truly develop a strong camaraderie with them, I am able to watch as they encouraged each other before stepping onto the stage. I witnessed high fives, hugs, laughter, tears of joy and pure excitement among a group of extremely talented students. Watching these things take place while they thanked me and hugged me for the work I put in for them, was in itself enough pride for me.

Being part of the MWHS Theater has been an incredibly humbling experience for me, I am proud of the work I put on the stage each show and overjoyed by the kinships I have formed thanks to this program. I have found a home working here; as I stood in the “wings” backstage and watched the final curtain call wrap up our spring play, I felt as though I was holding up a piece of work and smiling about the good job I had done. I am proud each and everyday to say that it is a GREAT day to be a White Hawk!

The two different casts of "The Odd Couple"

 Jack Curti, Zach Martin, Nate Barnes, Hogan Kelly and Jamie Harms  

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