Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 82 - Proud to be a White Hawk from Mexico City

Today's post is from foreign exchange student Alexis Olvera

My name is Alexis, and I'm an exchange student from Mexico,City. I´m proud to be a White Hawk because all the people are friendly. They make you feel good like if you were in your home country. All the people without knowing you smile at you, say hi in the hallway or try to include you in the classroom without knowing you. I'm not talking only about the students, also the teachers. The teachers are really good people and really helpful, especially for Mr. Bulman and Mrs. Lolich.  They are  great teachers, and they want us to have the best experience as an exchange student.

I'm proud for all the opportunities in sports that this school has given me. I have practiced Cross Country Running and I'm doing Cross Country Skiing--which we do not have back home. It´s so amazing how all the students have spirit in all the different games and sports for being a White Hawk. I remember the first time that our football team beat Waconia High School in their homecoming game. It was so funny how everybody got crazy! I really like that attitude that everybody has at sports games.

I'm also proud for being part of the concert choir. They receive me like another member of the family and they make me feel so comfortable with everything. I already have the opportunity to participate at the ACDA Conference and with the Honor Choir which was last weekend. It has been such a good year, and I'm looking forward for what is going to happen next. 

I really like how American life is, although it´s so different than my life in Mexico. I really like Mound BUT the weather is so cold for me. I always say the coldest place that I've ever been to is the fruits and vegetables fridge at Costco -- really it's so crazy how cold it gets in here!

Finally I'm so thankful with everybody that has made this such a great year. I could say as an exchange student that I'm proud to go to Mound Westonka High School. I'm proud to be a White Hawk!


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