Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 76 - Pride from 1,000 miles away!

Today's post is from grandmother and parent Ann Hall from Cincinnati, Ohio

Fall of 2004 began my association with Mound Westonka High School from my home in Cincinnati. My grandson entered the 8th grade and graduated in 2009. His mom was hired and continued her teaching career as part of the faculty and then my granddaughter will graduate in May of 2014. I have been part of high school education as the wife of a principal for 28 years and I can say "proudly" who you are (Mound Westonka High School) and what you do stand above the rest! 

I have been able from 1,000 miles away see Madd Jazz, soccer games, attend academic assemblies and be a small part of the community. I have enjoyed being part of the China trip blog, Best Buy summer program for girls and watch DECA celebrations and awards, to name just a few. In order for all of this to happen, the school system has to be innovative and up to date; they have to have modern technologies and great faculty and administration. I have been included in the lives of my grandchildren and my daughter. I am incredibly proud for all that they have accomplished at Mound Westonka High School. I truly have Mound Westonka Pride from 1,000 miles away!

Sue Simonson, Ann Hall & Courtney Simonson

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