Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 62 - Setting a Good Example and Making Us Proud

Today's post is from parent Sandy Gooley

We moved into the Westonka School District just four years ago and enrolled our son into 7th grade at Grandview Middle School without him knowing a single soul. That's a difficult time to come into an unknown school but, wow, what a welcoming bunch! 

Mitchell is now in 10th grade and still very happy. What made us both very proud of all the students at this school, happened on Wednesday. A large group of high school boys gathered near the stop light on Sunnyfield Road in the snowstorm and assisted by pushing car after car up the slippery hill. They laughed and waved and ran up and down the hill helping car after car to make it safely to the top. That is character, that is coming together, that is caring about other people. Thank you for setting a good example and making us so proud.

Some of the boys helping push cars on Wednesday

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