Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 2 -- I Survived My First Day of High School

Today's post is from Zach R, a new 8th grader at MWHS

Hey this is Zach here and guess what -- I survived my first day of high school. Despite the fact that I tripped on 2 staircases, had to sit next to a sink in science because they ran out of desks, dropped my chicken patty sandwich and almost got run over by seniors in the hall. Now that I look back on my first day, quite frankly, I liked it a lot and it made me proud to think that high school isn't some dreadful place after all.

What made me the most proud is that now I'm officially a White Hawk! I’m proud to be a Westonka student for many reasons. The main reason I am proud is friendship. Yes, I did get lost going to one class like every other new 8th grade student at MWHS, but what amazed me was that there was always someone willing to help me out. It didn't matter if it was a friend or some random upperclassmen, they were always willing to help you through your problem until you got it solved.

I’m proud to be a Westonka student for many other reasons as well like how we have some of the top MCA scores in the state. Our sports teams are stellar, and we have some pretty good cookies too.  There’s a lot of things we should be impressed about. Overall I am very proud to be attending MWHS and I look forward to my next 5 years here.

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  1. Wow! He seems like a great kid! Nice job on your first day Zachary!