Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 16 - Reflections from a School Board Member

Today's post is from Ann Bremer, Westonka School Board Vice Chair and parent of two MWHS grads

Every day as a Westonka School board member, I am incredibly proud to serve this great district. I do not have to stretch for one minute to find a story or an example of how easy it is to brag about our great kids and our great staff.  Yes, I could fill this blog about stories of “best in the state” test scores, awards and achievements from the arts to athletics, our school district’s financial turnaround (although still a struggle), the support from our community members who understand the importance of public schools, and my admiration for those truly unique staff members who understand how important their role is in engaging kids to learn and to strive to learn more.

But this is where my pride in Westonka comes from:  my own daughter’s struggle with a learning disability that required her to receive Special Education services for most of her elementary and middle school years.  Her teacher’s and paraprofessionals believed in her, and did not treat her like someone who just had to “get by”. She graduated from High School,was accepted to the University of Minnesota, graduated in 4 years (on the Dean’s List twice!)—and is now working at Hazelton Foundation. Could that have happened at any school district in this state? I hope so—but it happened right here at MWHS.  It’s my number one reason for running—I want to preserve that same dedication that was shown to my daughter by this staff.  I want that for all kids!

I have served on this school board for 10 years and each time I have run—my inspiration has always been my deep commitment to our kids and my passion for public education.  I will fight every day to give you the tools you need to be the best students and to achieve all of those dreams you want for yourself. I will put this student body and what you do every day to learn and to realize what is truly important in your education up against any student body in this state—and you will shine.  Be proud of being a White Hawk—I am incredibly proud to serve you!

Paige, Ann and Molly

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